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James Andrew Dickenson
'The Jadster'

The Dickenson Family
A celebration
of a life

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Here, below, are some pictures of James' immediate family on my (his paternal) side.  The Dickensons.

Of course, James had a maternal family as well - the Lippetts.  If and when a similar resource appears dealing with this part of his life, we will post a link here.  In the meantime, this particular 'history' (and 'future'!) is our remit.

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Audiovisual tribute
by Andy O'Brien

Heroes (and villains!)

      Grampy D             Nanny D
      John Dickenson (Grampy)  R.I.P         Sarah (Joan) Dickenson  (Nanny)
                      Dad & children
Michelle (Shelley) O'Brien, older sister; Andy (Dad); James and Joe, his younger bro

    Andy&Euan           Keane
    Brother-in-Law Andy (O'Brien); nephew Euan             Nephew Keane
  Lauren&Elena       Morag&Sinead
 Niece Lauren & James' new sister Elena Grace
   (sadly born too late for James to see)            Stepmum Morag & her daughter Sinead
   James and Jack          Jack
 James with his son Jack ('Slocombe') on the              Jack recently. A Dickenson, who
 only occasion he was allowed to see him.                     will one day know of his great
                                                                                   father and our family.