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An Introduction to
James Andrew Dickenson
'The Jadster'
A celebration
of a life

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Audiovisual tribute
by Andy O'Brien
James.  To those who knew and loved him, like me, his Dad, a unique and wonderful human being.  He was born to me, Andy, and his mother Claire at Southmead Hospital in Bristol on a cold 3rd of January, 1982.  He joined his older sister Shelley, who was nearly two.

Known as 'Jamie', when little, he grew up first in Patchway, Bristol, then in the seaside town of Weston-Super-Mare.  This was his beloved Nan and Grampy's adopted town.  My parents.  His Grampy passed away in 1994.  James lived there with us through often turbulent times until he was nine.  Despite this, he was a happy boy who was defined by his angelic smile and sensitive demeanour.  He enjoyed time at Mead Vale playgroup with his 'Auntie' Chris (where I helped out) and less easy times at Mead Vale primary school.  Although a good one, school didn't agree with his temperament generally and these were the beginnings of many difficulties.

When we moved to Yate because of my first teaching job, James found it difficult settling into The Ridge Junior school and more so in his transition to Brimsham Green secondary.  He was often bullied and, depite others attempts to help him, regretfully we feel the 'system' failed him.

James was an intensely loving soul and sought love outside of his family, as we all do.  His misfortune, perhaps, was to meet an equally troubled young girl, who gave birth to their son Jack (Slocombe) on 11th July 2002.  The couple became estranged and James was prevented from seeing Jack.  Except for one time, due to the kindness of the baby's aunt the next year.  James was able to hold little Jack and preserve the moment in some photographs.  He adored his son from afar and the next years were spent in legal pusuit of some access, sadly - and wrongfully, in vain.
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