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An Introduction to
James Andrew Dickenson
'The Jadster'
A celebration
of a life

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Audiovisual tribute
by Andy O'Brien

James' emotions and need for love gradually overcame him and he sought solace in alcohol and drugs.  We, his family, were there for him to the greatest extent, as our circumstances allowed.  He was always loved and, we believe, knew this.  Latterly by his friend and younger brother Joe, who was seven years his junior.

He moved around the Bristol area, from Pill (with his devoted 'Uncle' Ricky, a family friend), to periods living with either me or his mother (we were divorced and living separately by 1992), my Mum (his Nan) or places independently.

James was helped variously by Riverside Adolescent Unit (where, ironically, he met Laura, Jack's mother), his counsellor Steve at Yate young people's drop-in centre, and in 2005, Broadway Lodge rehab centre in Weston-Super-Mare.  James triumphed over his fears to complete Primary and Secondary care there and was supported by the wonderful staff and his fellow client friends.  We were hopeful that, on coming out, his recovery would go from strength to strength.

Alas, despite his avowed love for new partner Bron, and her love for him, their individual problems got in the way of any future for him and life became 'too much'.  In the last of a series of believed 'cries for help', he took a misjudged, fatal overdose and died alone the evening of Saturday 9th September.  This very brief snapshot of his life is merely a 'way in' to a remembrance of a remarkable son, brother, friend, uncle, nephew, grandson and father.  My hope is that this modest site will grow and become a lasting memorial and tribute to our wonderful James.  A technological 'shrine' that he would have approved of, hopefully, and one of the only ways in which those without religious faith can afford him any measure of the 'immortality' he craved.  This.... and our treasured memories.
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